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>> bret: that was no from the campaign just in case you didn't know. and in case you are keeping track, kirsten was, in fact, right. >> thank you. >> bret: thanks for inviting us into your home tonight that's it for "special report," fir, balanced and unafraid. >> shepard: this is the fox report. tonight, an active aggression by iran firing on a u.s. drone just days before the presidential election. plus, new york city and long island follow new jersey's footsteps. gas rationing is on the way. >> this is just beyond terrible. it's awful. i'm done. >> shepard: no power. no gas. no heat. and now up to a foot of snow in some places where sandy hit just last week. >> it's insane, okay? i have been 10 days now and now i'm shoveling snow.
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>> shepard: tonight, the nor'easter pushes a battered region to the brink. plus, nearly two years after the tragic shooting spree in tucson, arizona. [sirens] >> shepard: sentencing day for jared loughner. >> i will never forget seeing one of my dearest colleagues die at my side. a young man i worked closely with every single day. >> shepard: former congresswoman gabriel giffords among those in court to face the man who shot her in the head. tonight, a convicted killer learns his fate. >> and newly released video of a murder suspect attempt to steal a plane. but, first from fox this thursday night. iranian military confrontation in the skies above the persian gulf. the pentagon this afternoon confirms that an iranian warplane last week shot at but did not destroy an unmanned u.s. military drone. it happened, they tell us, on
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the first of november. days before the presidential election. the pentagon tells us the mq 1 predator of ours, a drone, was flying off the coast of iran on a classified mission, as they put it, over international waters. of course, this comes at a time of increased tensions between the u.s. and iran over that country's nuclear program. and the incident could well signal that the iranians may be stepping up defensive measures in response. jennifer griffin has fox top story live at the pentagon. jennifer? >> well, the pentagon says that on november first at 4:50 eastern time, the -- just days before the u.s. presidential election, two iranian su 25 frog foot iranian fighter jets intercepted and twice fired upon an unmanned unarmed u.s. mq 1 pled predator drone. the shots missed on both attempts. the drone way from the iranian
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coast landing safely at undisclosed location. the jets pursued the drone after firing the shots according to pentagon spokesman george little but u.s. air force pilots say they find the scenarioomewhat confusing since those jets fly at 550 miles per hour and a predator drone flies a mere 135 miles per hour. the iranian jets would have had to slow down to chase that u.s. predator, shepard. >> shepard: this is november the 8th. that was the 1st. why are we just hearing about. this george little says that this drone was on a, quote: classified mission. he said that it was a routine surveillance mission to monitor maritime shipping. and he added that the u.s. has reached out to the iranians through the state department and the swiss protective powers in tehran to protest the incident. >> our aircraft was never in iranian airspace. it was always flying in
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international airspace. the internationally recognized territorial limit is 12 nautical miles off the coast. and we never entered the 12 nautical mile limit. >> last december, a classified rq 170 u.s. sentinel drone crashed inside iran after losing contact with handlers while on a mission to monitor iran's nuclear sites. the only reason we found out about that drone is the iranians found it largely intact and put it on television, shepard. >> shepard: jennifer griffin at the pentagon tonight. a blanket of snow and bitter cold weather now adding to the misery for hundreds of thousands of storm victims. and today the new york city mayor and long island's leaders join new jersey in putting a ration on gasoline. the nor'easter last night blew into the region that sandy flattened just last week and it was worse than predicted. some parts of the storm zone saw auto mile-per-hour winds. others got a foot of wet and nasty snow that clogged the
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roads and covered piles of debris. not to mention toppling trees on to power lines. remember, about 750,000 homes and businesses still had no power. tens of thousands more lost power last night. so some folks got electricity back only to lose it once again. in many cases that means no water. and perhaps, more importantly, no heat. and it is cold. today the new york governor andrew cuomo says he is furious with how long it's taking utilities to restore electricity. hear listen. >> you look at what the utility company does, it basically comes down to wire and poles. and crews and trucks. these are things you would want to have. how would you run out of poles? the management has failed the consumers. it is that simple. >> shepard: then there is the gas issue. there are still shortages not shortages but long lines to get gas across the region because the supply chain is a real mess. because many stations have no power. new york citi' mayor tried to
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put the scope of the problem into perspective. >> only 25% of our gas stations we estimate are open. drivers are still facing long lines, frustrations are only growing and it now appears that there will be shortages for possibly another couple weeks. >> shepard: so now drivers in new york city and out on long island will be using the even/odd system so people with license plates that end with an odd number can fill up on odd number days and the opposite on even numbered days. the new normal for the foreseeable future. rick leventhal on storm duty yet again tonight. this time on staten island. gas lines frankly that may be the least of their worries there. >> absolutely. shepard. the residents here massive struggle to try to save their homes. this street in staten island is a full mile from the ocean. yet, they had 12 feet of water here and were surrounded by piles of debris. when we got here earlier today, there were big sanitation trucks and front end loaders scooping up the
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debris by the shovel full and by the clawful. dumping it into the trucks and here, you can still see some that they haven't been able to get to. it's lining the streets. and those trucks are going to need to come back. we want to take you into lloyd dennis' home. one of many homeowners here who had water on his first floor. you see the yellow notice on the door. restricted use. they are not supposed to stay here. he lost all of his tools in the storm. they were in a shed out back. he was using a box cutter and a screwdriver to cut the wet drywall off the walls. and you see he was using one piece of metal to pry up the floor boards which are full of nails. he is prying them up. and had to throw out everything else pretty much in his home to try and save it. he said that his army fatigues were giving him some strength in this storm, shepard. >> shepard: you have to do this thing quickly once the mold sets, in i mean, you are just -- man, there is no recovering from that. some residents in that
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neighborhood i'm hearing they are getting their power back. >> yeah. incredibly, some of the homes across the street have underground lines and they have lights out. i don't know if you can tell because our lights are on the way. there are homes on this block getting their power back, but many are not. and that is the big issue for them, shepard, as you mentioned the mold, the issues with the water logged homes. but not having power. this weather as cold as it is, it's a real, real tough time for them. >> shepard: rick leventhal with the folks on staten island tonight. former congresswoman gabriel giffords barely survived after a gunman shot her in the head at meet and greet in tucson. she faced that shooter for the first time since that tragic day last january. you will hear what her husband had to say to the gunman. that's next. plus, a gang of thieves storms into a mall on motorcycles and robs a jewelry store. and wait until you hear how much they managed to get away with. from the journalists of fox news this is a thursday fox
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>> seeing the man who tried to kill you for the first time. today the former cock woman gabriel giffords did exactly that came face to face with the guy who shot her in the head. the judge made sure that killer will spend the rest of his born days behind bars. congresswoman giffords and her husband astronaut mark kelly were in court today for jared loughner's sentencing. he pleaded guilty to killing six people and wounding 13 others in january 2011 in tucson. the court today, in court today mark kelly spoke on behalf of his wife with gabby standing by his side telling jared loughner to pay attention and you have decades upon decades to condemn flat what you did, he said. -- contemplate what you did he said. after this day, after this moment here and now gabby and i are done thinking about you. we also heard from the congresswoman's former intern daniel hernandez, remember
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him? emergency workers say he helped save her life after the shooting. today he said he supports the prosecution's decision not to ask for the death penalty for loughner. >> an eye for an eye causes the world to go blind and while we may not be able to bring back any of the people who lost their lives, or give back the people who have been injured and heal all of their physical and mental scars, we are able to succeed in finding a resolution and finding justice in what's happened. >> shepard: an eye for an eye causes the world to go blind. wise beyond his years. the judge delivered that sentencing today. sentencing him to seven consecutive life sentences plus another 140 years he will never get out of prison. dan springer live in tucson tonight. what do we know about how loughner acted in court today? >> yeah, shep. loughner didn't show any emotion. did he not address the court nor did he speak to his victims. but he did tell the judge what he understood what was going on and then he heard directly from some of his victims.
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gabriel giffords did not speak but she stood next to her husband while he told loughner he had changed their lives forever. mark kelly said gabby struggles to speak. has trouble walking and one arm is paralyzed. but then he told loughner that while he put a bullet through gabby's head he did not dent her spirit. congressman rob barber a former giffords staff also spoke with the tragedy. >> i will never forget seeing one of my dearest colleagues die at my side. a young man i work closely with every single day for more than five years. >> among the six people murdered, a former federal judge, a 9-year-old girl and giffords staff. shep? >> shepard: we heard from a number of victims as i understand it today. >> that's right. a lot of them talked about the gun laws here, in fact, the governor here, governor jan brewer will the gun laws on the books and the judge seemed to agree wondering why
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loughner was allowed to have 90 rounds of ammo in just three clips. other victims also spoke about tighter gun laws, including mandatory background checks before all gun buys. there was talk about better treatment for the mentally ill. loughner was diagnosed with schizophrenia. a lot of people knew he had problems but did nothing about it pam simon was shot twice. you remind us of the society that failed to provide mental healthcare. we do not signs of mental illness or choose it look the other way. >> judge larry burns recommended that loughner go go back to the same prison facility in missouri where he was getting treatment, shep. >> shepard: dan springner tucson, thanks. we now have the video of the moment of when investigators say murder suspect tried to steal a plane. the plane cruises by the
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camera. watch here. the plane clips a building. did you see that? here it is. the impact broke a chunk off that wing. you probably noticed it says don't distribute in the center of the screen which may explain why it took four months to get this video. it happened at the saint george municipal airport in the corner of utah. that plane crashed through a fence and into a bunch of parked cars. the suspect was a pilot for sky west. he was suspected of killing his girlfriend. police say the suspect shot himself to death right after he crashed that plane. suspect jewelry store heist take off on motor motorcycles. these guys drove right up to the store on the second floor in this mall in london. second floor carrying actions and bats. security cameras captured them grabbing the loot and speeding off. total value of the hall estimated 3.2 million bucks according to the british
7:17 pm
broadcasting. police reportedly found the bikes hours later on tuesday, but no word if they found the suspects. one witness told a local newspaper the whole thing looked like something out of a james bond film. the election has been over for almost two days now. we are still waiting for florida. we'll break down all the problems that have kept officials from declaring a winner in the sunshine state. plus, the race that ended in a tie. a complete dead tie. and the wife of one of the candidates session that's my fault. election day awkward. coming up. ♪ [ male announcer ] start with nothing, build a ground-breaking car. good. now build a time machine. go here, find someone who can build a futuristic dash board display. bring future guy back. watch him build a tft display like nothing you've ever seen. get him to explain exactly what that is. the thin film transistor display... [ male announcer ] mmm, maybe not.
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blaming the republic controlled legislature for the delay. you see, the g.o.p. created very complicated ballots and rejected appeals to extend the number of early voting days. the florida governor rick scott says he will review his state's election process. phil keating is in our south florida newsroom. phil, who is still counting down there? >> shep, as of just a few minutes ago, did i volume county around jacksonville finally finished counting, that leaves broward and palm beach county which hope to finish counting tonight. miami dade finally finished earlier this afternoon. a record 2.4 million floridians voted this year by absentee ballot. many of those being submitted in the election's final three days. and absentees take much more time to count because they involve more checks to prevent
7:22 pm
voter fraud. >> am i embarrassed and disappointed by some of the things that happened? absolutely but, i have to focus on simply getting it right. >> moving forward, i will do whatever it takes to ensure that this does not happen again in my county. >> a lot of people certainly felt like crying on election night as they stood in line. pick one example in miami. one thing they did, they forced six entire precincts to vote all in one polling location. and, remember, some people never even got to cast their ballot until wednesday morning after the race had already been declared, shep. >> shepard: you know, the analysts are saying if you look at the places where the votes are coming, the lead is just too much for governor romney to overcome. >> it's all about the math. and in every analysis, yes, that is the deal. the vast majority of these outstanding ballots all coming from democratic strongholds. primarily south florida. palm beach, broward and miami
7:23 pm
dade county. but all day long as the numbers updated obama's lead only got larger. as of right now romney won 49.22%. compared to obama's 49.92% that puts the president ahead by 58,000 plus votes. in a statement tonight to fox news the republic party of florida wrote we are not conceding, we are waiting for the final results to be announced. the presidential race has already been conceded by the romney campaign but there are other races that matter. we also have to sertd phi the results. so what remains to be done is to oget the final count. also a lot of the blame can go around to all the florida voters who ignored advice, did not read up and do their homework first, so they ended up going through this historically long ballot for the first time in the booth. taking up to an hour to vote while the line outside simply didn't move. shep? >> shepard: phil keating in our florida newsroom tonight. thanks. we got word of another victory for civil rights today. the latest returns show that
7:24 pm
washington state voters have narrowly approved a law that legalizes same sex marriage. today opponents conceded. washington joins maine and maryland as the first states to approve same sex marriage by popular vote. six other states and the district of columbia have legalized it but did so through the legislative process and court rules. supporters of the washington state initiative far outspent opponents with help from several big names, including the microsoft chairman bill gates and new york city mayor michael bloomberg. same sex couples can start getting married there next month. once officials certify the election. coming up, one vote short of victory has to hurt. especially if that one vote is your own wife's vote. it happened in a city council race in tiny walton, kentucky. two candidates ended up dead tied. 669 votes apiece, insert your joke here it turns out one candidate's wife never made it to the voting booth. she says she works nights and
7:25 pm
woke up just 10 minutes before the polls close. he told her don't sweat it after all, it's just one vote. election officials now plan to decide the winner with the flip of a coib. -- coin. we're hearing that president obama plans to speak to the nation about the fiscal cliff we are facing at the end of the year. one that experts say could cause another recession. now the top republic in congress says is he willing to talk. but he is also calling one of the president's proposals unacceptable. and first it was the super storm. now a nor'easter. adding misery for victims of sandy. tonight feds say help is on the way for people who can't go home. that's coming up as we approach the bottom of the hour and the top of the news as fox reports live tonight. [ male announcer ] this is steve.
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>> shepard: this is "the fox report." it's the bottom of the hour. time for the top of the news. the president is set to speak to the nation tomorrow for the first time since returning to
7:30 pm
the white house after winning a second term. sources are telling fox news the top of tomorrow will be the economy and the so-called fiscal cliff. that is what economists are calling the combination of tax hikes and spending cuts that are set to kick in at the end of the year. just today, the congressional budget office warned we could be in for another recession if we go, well, over that cliff. it's up to congress to pass a bill to prevent that. today, the house speaker john boehner told diane sawyer on abc that tax increases cannot be part of a deal. >> raising tax rates is unacceptable. and, frankly, it couldn't even pass the house. i'm not sure it could pass the senate. >> shepard: speaker boehner says is he willing to talk about the president's proposals. ed henry is live at the white house for us tonight. ed, what are we expecting to hear from the president tomorrow? >> we are told that he is going to speak really for the first time substantively since the election and that post election party tomorrow about 1:00 p.m. eastern here at the
7:31 pm
white house. is he going to talk about the economy broadly but specifically the fiscal cliff. what he is willing to do to move forward and with negotiations on capitol hill. as you say, this could have a massive impact on our economy. there are these major spending cuts kicking in on january 2nd. you have the bush tax rates expiring at the end of this year. so that could mean tax hikes for millions of americans. you can seat markets reacting in a very negative way over the last couple days. it's clear that one the reasons the president is coming out tomorrow is not just to lay out the parameters of the debate over the next few weeks but also maybe calm the markets a bit, shep. >> shepard: ed on a matter when presidents reach a second term we have a big turnover in cabinet positions that looks like that's coming here. >> we are expecting several of the big jobs, including secretary of state will turn over. hillary clinton said above the election that she was not going to stick around for a second term. she wants to get out, recharge her batteries. some the names being ban teed about include senator john kerry, somebody very prominent
7:32 pm
and helped prep the president for the debate. susan rice the u.n. ambassador has also been talked about leading contender. she got caught up in the whole benghazi situation. the famous now infamous sunday morning talk show interviews that were confusing. that may hurt her chances. we will see. the other big name out there is eric holder, the attorney general, whether or not he will stay or go. today he addressed that take a listen. that's something i'm in the process of trying to determine. the first step has already occurred the president has been reelected and i will have to think about can i contribute in a second term. sit down and talk with him. >> he has obviously been through a lot of controversy. the fact that he is even considering the possibility is obviously getting people to think that he is one person who might leave some time in the near future. the other person to watch would be tim geithner the treasury secretary. jack lu the white house staff is one of the leading contender ifs geithner does go.
7:33 pm
he has said for more than a year now he wants to leave. it's been a grind for him dealing with the financial crisis for several years now. what we are told by top democrats is even though geithner wants to leave, is he probably not going to leave for a few months because he wants to get through these fiscal cliff negotiations so the president doesn't have to deal with the confirmation battle in the middle of all of, this shep. >> shepard: ed henry on the north lawn. the new focus on the european debt crisis gridlock weighed on the markets again today. the dow was off triple digits again. 121 for the dow. plunging more than 300 points yesterday. the nasdaq off 42 and the s&p off 17. new jersey was still dealing with super storm sandy's destruction when last night's nor'easter some cases up to a foot of snow to the equation. power company officials say thousands more people are now in the dark. the chief of fema says the agency will make mobile homes available to those hardest hit in the new jersey area. just like when the gulf coast area got struck by hurricane
7:34 pm
katrina. all those trailers turned out to be a real toxic mess. steve centanni live on the jersey shore or near it what's the situation where you are tonight, steve? >> well, shep, i'm n new jersey, a low lying area near the bay here that got hit pretty hard. this is an area channels dug in behind the houses where they can pull their boats in. man made lagoons and the water came up 2 feet into their houses. the result after hurricane sandy they had to hall a lot of their household belongs and furniture and carpets out on the street. you see piles like this all through the this neighborhood here. where people had to clean out to what they had now. that was hurricane sandy. that was nine days ago. late summer hurricane. then we had the early nor'easter that came in here. and on top of the debris, they had to throw outside, you got the next part of the story. this thick wet snow that came down overnight about 5 to 6 to 7 inches of it. this pretty much tells the whole story here, trouble on
7:35 pm
top of trouble here in new jersey, shep? >> shepard: steve, big picture, what are conditions like? improving? >> well, it is cold. and a lot of people have a lot of snow. and the wind was picking up and it's very bitter wind even right now. it's picking up. but conditions are improving and people are slowly getting their power back on throughout the area. so, they have had to deal with this 1-2 punch. and they are copping as best they can right now. >> steve: centanni. the labor department reports first time unemployment claims are down by 8,000 last week. the new total number 355,000. but a spokesman for the department says, power outages in at least one state kept officials from receiving applications. and that in other areas some people were unable to get to work and file for benefits, pushing numbers even higher. gerri willis from the fox business network is with us. i guess sandy could be
7:36 pm
affecting us in a lot of ways for a long time. >> that's right. these numbers you just described they will get impacted for another couple of weeks to be sure. but i have got to tell you, this is the usually the way it happens when you have a big storm like this. we have had some good jobs news in october jobs expanded by 171,000. employers added that many jobs. in the last several months we have seen average monthly add on jobs 123,000. >> mississippi coast the unemployment numbers plummeted and economic activity went way up. are we expecting that up here. >> not so much. i have to tell you. some expectations of poor g.d.p. broad economic growth will come down two tenths of a percent. the good news here according to a big survey of "wall street journal" economists they believe that christmas spending won't get impacted. we will have to wait to see this flow through the economy. 17% of those economists say we will see increased growth because of this. >> shepard: they are going to sell a lot of cars because a lot of cars are done. >> it's pretty ugly. we saw a lot of cars under
7:37 pm
water a lot of houses. no power. i don't understand that. >> shepard: well, call line pa. long island power authority. thowg do you have? airline industry already struggling. nor'easter caused more than 2,000 flight out of new york city alone past couple of days. airports are trying to get back to normal. last week the super storm caused the airlines to ground more than 20,000 flights. officials with united airlines say that cost $90 million in lost revenue just for united. delta reports taking a 45-million-dollar hit. and mcdonald's sales dropped last month for the first time in nearly a decade. today, the company reported u.s. sales slid more than 2%. double the loss economists had projected. analysts blame fierce competition from other fast food places pushing value will-priced items. mcdonald's ceo says the company will respond by
7:38 pm
increasing ads for its dollar menu. which, in the northeast is a buck 29. the head of north american brewer monthly son coors says the nhl lockout is hurting sales up north. the ceo says all of canada, is glued to hockey and without it he says people are not going to bars as often and they are not buying as much beer for hockey parties at home. no word of anything thus far in negotiations. we got a new study now that says energy drinks are causing huge problems on the battlefield. we'll get the details on that. plus, the syrian president who is said to have murdered tens of thousands of his own people says he will live or die in syria. world cannot avoid a foreign
7:39 pm
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>> shepard: energy drinks are apparently causing sleep problems among our soldiers overseas. according to the u.s. army study as of 2010, some 14% of u.s. service members in afghanistan said they downed 3 or more energy drinks each day. researchers say those drinks were more -- those doing the drinking were more likely to get four hours of sleep a night or less and to actually fall asleep while they are on guard duty during the day. the study notes that service members might want to lay off the caffeine every once in a while. the syrian president bashar assad has vowed that he will will take his last breath in syria. as of late, rare interview with russian television. the syrian leader who is orchestrating the systematic slaughter of his own men, women and children claimed he will never leave his country. this, a day after the british prime minister suggested a
7:43 pm
possible safe exile for assad as a way to end the civil war which activists say has killed more than 36,000 people. >>' -- i'm made is syria. i will die in syria. >> shepard: the head of the international comif the red cross said the situation in syria has been in a downward spiral for months and that it simply cannot keep up with the hundreds of thousands of people who are struggling just to survive. "the fox report's" correspondent jonathan hunt is here. we haven't heard from assad in a long time during this fighting at least. >> yeah, and he certainly came out fighting in this interview with russia today. english language russian tv station. not only that absolute refusal to resign and seek exile that you just heard. but also a stark warning to the the west, not to try to intervene militarily in syria. listen. >> i think the price of this
7:44 pm
invasion, if it happens, is going to be -- whole world are can't afford if you have a problem in syria -- in the region and coexistent let's say. it will have domino effect. effect the world from the atlantic to the pacific. and, you know, the implication [inaudible] >> of course, u.s. officials have no appetite whatsoever for any kind of military action in syria on that at least president assad is correct. russians are frankly still the problem here. >> absolutely. more support for assad from russian officials. in this case today, the foreign minister sergei said that the west simply has to accept that assad is not going to step aside. and if western powers keep insisting that the price is, as he put it, assad's head, it will simply cost more syrian
7:45 pm
lives. now, russian officials will say that is simply a statement of the reality of the situation on the ground. critics will say it's a signal , a further signal of support to assad and just encourage him to go on murdering his own people, shep. >> shepard: jonathan hunt with us tonight. thanks. we're hearing from the father of the 14-year-old pakistani girl who survived a brutal attack from the -- from the taliban because she supported education for women, remember her? her father says the teen has since received thousands of cards, letters and other get-well gifts which have helped her stay strong, he says. he is thankful, he says, that the men and women who support education, freedom and thought and freedom of expression are still with her. gunmen stormed that girl's school bus last month and shot her in the head and neck. the taliban have vowed to kill her because she promotes what they call western thinking. the u.s. state department reports it will let lawmakers, some of them, view secret government cables related to
7:46 pm
the deadly attack in benghazi. but there is a catch that could mean most lawmakers won't be able to see them. we'll get that to you next. plus, scientists say the two recently unearthed skeltons may have belonged to murder victims. and these excel will he skeletons are thousands and thousands and thousands of years old. service would yochoose, based on this chart ? don't rush into it, i'm not looking for the fastest answer. obviously verizon. okay, i have a different chart. going that way, does that make a difference ? look at verizon. it's so much more than the other ones. so what if we just changed the format altogether ? isn't that the exact same thing ? it's pretty clear. still sticking with verizon. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined.
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>> shepard: new tonight on the attack this benghazi, the state document is letting some lawmakers look at documents which relate to that strike in libya that killed four americans including our ambassador there. but there are restrictions. these lawmakers are allowed to look only at the documents today and tomorrow. they won't be aallowed to take
7:50 pm
anything home or make any copies of anything. the thick is the number of lawmakers -- a number of lawmakers is currently out of town. catherine herridge with the news live in washington. this is a little weird. >> well, it is, shepard, but then again this is washington, d.c. with at least three congressional hearings scheduled next week, this letter from the foreign affairs committee to secretary clinton underscores these growing complaints from lawmakers that the obama administration is not living up to its stated goal of transparency, quote. it's disappointing that we have yet to receive any response from your department and that we're receiving more information from the press than from the administration. but late today, fox news has told that some classified documents on the benghazi terrorist attack will now be made available by the state department on friday at a special meeting called at short notice on capitol hill. it will be a classified setting, which means lawmakers cannot take copies of the documents with them. fiewpsz has learned a list of suspects in the benghazi attack extends to and haful of
7:51 pm
militants aligned with egyptian group. the network takes its name from ahmed who is released from the egyptian jail during the arab spring. he has close ties to al qaeda's leader ayman al zir i had. >> i think we are going to find out that jamal is much more active internationally across not just libya and egypt but also elsewhere and his network is involved in exporting terrorism all throughout the middle east. >> u.s. officials tell fox jamal established training camps in libya. some of these camps that linked the attack were trained. administration critics say the pool of suspects from libya, to your knowledge, egypt and even one from al qaeda and iraq is more evidence of premeditation and not a flash mob, shep. >> catherine herridge in washington. president obama said to become the first sitting u.s. president to visit the southeast asian president of burma. confirmed the historic trip. comes after civilian government took power in burma last year ending five decades of military rule. the white house says president
7:52 pm
obama will meet with the burmese president and opposition leader and that president obama hopes the visit will encourage burma's ongoing democratic transition. some human rights activists say that country's military is still a pressing ethnic and religious minorities. one group claims that reforms like freeing political prisoners are only superficial moves. a possible 8,000-year-old murder mystery in the holy land tops our news around the world in 80 seconds. israel. archaeology cyst js discovered two ancient excel will he tons in the valley. the well dates back to the stone age. officials with the israel antic question at this authorities say the bodies could have a wound up there by accident but it also could have been murder. india. police baton charged opposition protesters in a
7:53 pm
northern state. demonstrators hurled stones and damaged property as they rallied against what they call unsanitary conditions. the area has seen a recent outbreak of mosquito born diseases. france. archaeologists say they uncovered an almost fully intact woolly mammoth excel will he ton near paris about the fifth such discovery on french soil. researchers say they found the remains along with thee andrea alcohol spearheads by accident site in a quarry. austria, fans from around the world gathered in mozart's vienna home for a concert by a russian pianist on the instrument mozart used for the last decade of his life. the keyboard back in that home for the first time since mozart's death since 1791. it now goes to the mozart's museum in sulsburg and that's a wrap on this fox trip around
7:54 pm
the world in 80 seconds. cool critters now. a baboon has apparently adopted a stray kitten at the petting zoo in israel. zoo keepers say the tiny feline recently wandered into the monkey's cage and the two of them refuse to separate. the baboon carries the little one around and even cleans its fur. it's not complete paradise inside that pen though. there are reports of the baboon stealing the kitty cat's food. bargain hunters will barely have time for a turkey this thanksgiving. black friday on thursday? come on. yeah. [ chuckles ] the family thinks i'm out shipping these. smooth move. you used priority mail at rate boxes. if it fits, it ships for a low, flat rate.
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7:58 pm
at 8:00 p.m. thanksgiving night. and k-mart stores will be open on thanksgiving starting at 6:00 a.m. boo. then they will close for a little holiday breather and reopen at 8:00 that night for a big sale. retail stores typically bank 40% of yearly sales during the holiday season. and now they are ruining it before we go, today's top five things. number five, get those holiday gifts out early. postal service reports the busiest mailing day of the season will be december 17th. number 4. the global group a group doctors without borders giving medical care to victims of the super storm in new york and new jersey. number three, a judge handing down seven consecutive life sentences plus for the man who pleaded guilty to the 2011 shooting rampage that killed six people and wounded more than a dozen others. including the arizona congresswoman gabriel giffords. number two, the white house says president obama will make his first post election statement on the economy
7:59 pm
tomorrow and that he will likely address the so-called fiscal cliff and number one, the pentagon confirms iranian fighter jets fired at a u.s. predator drone over international waters last week. and that's "the fox report's" top five. and on this day in 1994, voters in california elected salvatore sony bono to the united states house of representatives. the singer producer, actor it and one-time husband of cher said he entered politics after bureaucracy stalled one of his restaurant projects. sony bobby know became the republic mayor of palm springs back in '88. made a failed run at the senate. then set his sights on the u.s. house. he won the seat on the wave of newt gingrich's then republic revolution. the "the washington post" wrote at the time that he had a gift for making palm pus lawmakers laugh at themselves. he served for four years until

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